IT Administration

  • e-mail: (at)
  • office hours: room 323 MiNI building

This is a very short abstract from Polish language website, if you do not find information you need here please ask us via email or personally in room 323 in MiNI building.


Logins and passwords

All registered MiNI students are assigned user name and password for our IT infrastructure. You can obtain your identity data in room 323. If you just arrived and are still not registered student please go to deans office first. Please report to room 323 at least one day before your computer labs, in some cases your account will not be ready at hand (especially if you registered late). Please bring your ID document with you (students ID or passport).

Your initial password will be a random 8 alphanumerical characters, if you would like to change it go to computer lab and change your password in Windows system. You must follow the rules for a new password:

  • password must have at least 9 characters
  • password must contain at least one lower case letter
  • password must contain at least one upper case letter
  • password must contain at least one digit
  • password must contain at least one symbol (!@#$^ etc) or a space

Workstations access

Your identity data (login and password) will allow you to log on to workstations in our computer labs. The same password for both Windows and Linux systems. If you need an access to the computer after the classes you can go to lab 311, it is available for students most of the day (Mon-Fri 8.15-17.00). If it is closed please ask us to open it for you. Sometimes room 311 is used for regular classes, then we open another room for students (ask about it in room 323). Workstations in lab 311 have all the educational software you may need to study at our faculty.

Please notice that you can not unplug Ethernet or power cables from computers in our labs. If you need Internet access for your laptop please register for WIFI access.

Windows roaming profiles that grow above 500MB are deleted! Please store all your files on H: drive, where they are safe. Desktop and My Documents are automatically stored on H:. At the semester end and just before new one begins we delete all profiles for sanitation. You should not store files in profile, especially large ones.

Email access

All students have WUT email account, USOS sends emails to WUT email accounts.

To communicate with computer lab stuff please always use your WUT email, usually we do not replay to any emails from external mail systems.


SCAM/SPAM looking like:

  • USOS
  • Sender address looking like the faculty/university one
  • New money version
  • Mail to repay debt – real ones are also delievered by post (especially if the attachment is encrypted and the mail contains the password)
  • Bill from UPC
  • Google
  • Invoices, payments, courier or mail delievery and alike

Please remember that neither faculty nor university staff will ask you for your passwords. Any mail asking for it is simply phishing attempt. You should not reveal your password and login, you should not open the links provided in this type of messages.

Sometimes you are not asked for credentials directly in the email, sometimes the website asks, or you are not asked for password at all. In the second case, the attack is aimed at your Internet browser, the www page will try to infect your computer. You should be careful and not open the suspicious links to out of the WUT destination. Please delete this type of messages.

Usually such mails have some “EXE” file attached or Word file with hidden macros in the ZIP archive. Obviously, they are meant to infect Your PC with malware.

Do not ever open such attachments. Usually the real invoice or courier information will not have attachments of this type (at most PDF, which is a bit safer).

Please be careful and never open suspicious attachments. If someone did that on a MiNI pc, notify us ASAP, it might need checking for viruses (antiviruses usually do not catch up with the new viruses that these mails usually contain).

As our servers hosts mostly Polish users, you should be receiving SCAM/SPAM in polish, what I believe makes you more immune to it.

WIFI access

Central WUT wifi SSID is, your WUT email is the login and the password is the same as for this email, if auto-detection does not work the settings are as follow:
WPA2 Enterprise
no certificate (or ignore the certificate)

To use our wifi you must set your wireless network to get autoconfigured via DHCP, also the DNS servers (google DNS will not work).

Network drive access

You can access your files (created on workstations in labs) via sftp protocol (use WinSCP program or FireFTP firefox plugin) under address. Access works only from Polish ISP (not from abroad). If you are using Polish ISP and can not access the drive please check your IP address with and email us this information.

After logging to the drive you may need to navigate to your home folder /samba/LOGIN. Some sftp clients start at the root of the filesystem, other conveniently start at your home folder.

The size of your drive share is limited to 50GB but I does not mean we can provide every student with this amount of space. To prevent overloading you should store only your individual data. Avoid keeping virtual machines or DVD/iso images on the drive. In case of drive overload administrator can erase every file larger than 5GB without a warning!

ssh access and ports tunneling

For advanced users there is a ssh server under the address, it can be used to access some of faculty resources directly as bastion server (ssh to other hosts or secure port tunneling). You use the same login and password as for the email or drive. If you mistype your password more than once you will be blocked for one hour (password guessing protection).

Teachers will let you know if you need this access. Please notice that the access to this server is limited in the same way as the drive – you can only access it from whitelisted networks. If you cannot reach this server please send us your public IP