Computer Science II stopnia

Elham Shahrour

My name is Elham Shahrour. I was a student from Syria who came to Poland with passion to make one of her dreams come true. And yes, today I am officially a Master’s degree graduate from Warsaw University of Technology (WUT), Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, field of study: Computer Science specialization: Artificial Intelligence.

I think that what is interesting about studying Computer Science is the way it affects your thinking and mental skills making them more logical and creative, which can help you to solve problems faster and more effectively. Moreover, if you always wonder how new technologies, expert systems, authentication and security systems etc., which invade our lives nowadays, work and become ‘smart’, studying Computer Science will give you the knowledge on the processes and help you understand what is going on behind the scenes.

I was lucky to get the opportunity to study at such a well-known and highly internationally reputed university like Warsaw University of Technology and be one of the Mathematics and Information Science (MINI) Faculty members for about two years. I was really satisfied with my study program since it covered many topics of my interest and many other different aspects of Computer Science like Neural Networks, Data Mining, High Performance Computing, Image Processing etc., which will help me to develop myself in IT career. The professors, instructors, staff and all the people at the MINI Faculty were great, cooperative and very helpful.

During those two years, beside the valuable knowledge I gained and receiving my diploma, I met people from almost all over the world, made new friends, participated with them in many interesting events, learnt more about their cultures and made unforgettable memories which I will hold with me when I am back home. I am grateful for what I achieved here in Poland and very thankful to everyone who was a part of it.

Eyad Kannout

Eyad KanoutMy name is Eyad Kannout. I have successfully completed my Master’s degree in Computer Science at Warsaw University of Technology, with the final grade excellent. Currently, I am delivering the labs of Databases course at Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science (MiNI).

Computer Science is radically changing the way in which we experience our world. When you study computer science, you can strengthen your thinking skills, engage in computational thinking in which logic, abstraction and creativity come together to help you to solve intellectually interesting problems. The most interesting thing about Computer Science for me is that there are endless possibilities for discovering new way of doing things.

I chose Warsaw University of Technology due to its reputation for academic excellence in natural sciences and Engineering, both in Poland and internationally.
Computer Science Programme at Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science is more than programming and creating web pages. During your studies, you will cover all aspects of Computer Science including the underlying principles and theory. This programme equips students with the skills needed to contribute to this exciting and rapidly evolving field. This combination of skills will enable the graduates to keep pace with this fast-moving subject, and secure rewarding careers that can be pursued almost anywhere in the world.
This programme is very flexible, it allows you choose some elective courses that reflect your developing and changing interests in several areas, such as Software Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence.
After I have completed my Master’s studies in Computer Science, I am pretty sure that it was a great chance for myself to deepen my knowledge in several research areas, and study under the supervision of prominent teachers and scientists, within a well-equipped research facilities and in a hectic academic atmosphere.